"Producing... Creating... Transforming... It has always been good for me forming something by touching and feeling... Without thinking... Letting slide without worries... Helping the one in my hands reach its own shape... Mostly, I have written, drawn, painted just for myself... It was a way for me to reach myself... As I looked, I was proud... As I was proud, I loved myself more.. I have made gifts for years... Surrendered myself to letters, paints and wanted to give a part of myself to people on their special days... Telling about me and us... I always put something from my soul... I thought that as long as my parts disperse, I will spring up... Sometimes my works gained value, sometimes they disappeared in between shelves... I didn't give up... Never... I felt that it was me and from me that was transforming.. I had ups and downs.. As my mood was changing I realized it was better to accept my contradictions and reflect my dilemmas into my art which modern woman would deeply understand and appreciate.


I created with love my dilemma...

So I do my art dilemmart..

M.Sc. Arch. Designer Esra Yeteroglu