Architect-jewelry designer Esra Yeteroğlu has created Dilemmart brand inspred by the idea of transforming all the dilemmas that she has, and ever had in her life into an art piece. As she converted her dilemma-art into jewelry designs, Esra realized that all the contradictions, that she thought only she was experiencing, actually represented a part of the inner world of every modern woman she knew. The expression of all this inner world was embodied by the mysterious sheen of silver, copper, their noble form of reflection. Esra's design approach is creating a unique shape complimented by intense subjects such as family, essence, couple and life. Designers striking earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches, cufflinks and custom made designs are forming sculptural geometric forms. With this creative outlook, Dilemmart gives us extraordinarily elegant pieces. Each  piece is handmade 925 Silver.